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ViewTravel – Exciting Budget and Travel Itinerary Presentations for Outstanding Customer and Brand Engagement

In the hands of smart Travel Agencies, Travel Management Companies – TMCs, Tour Operators, Online Travel Agencies – OTAs, Hotels and Airline Companies, ViewTravel can generate meaningful brand and customer engagement experiences.

ViewTravel is also an Inspiring Digital Platform to show MICE offer in a personalized and distinctive way, making the meetings, incentives, groups, events, conferences, congresses and conventions budget and quote presentations more exciting than ever!

Forget about trying to convince others to accept your budget or go on a trip, sending a View is much easier! Register and Create your First View and see how you are able to inspire your customers and get more sales!

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Platform Features

Enhanced Customer Engagement and Innovative Selling Capabilities

Personalized Presentation

Customize your Views for each client, adding your corporate brand.

Upload Your Documents, Videos and Images

Submit the online proposal in a personalized way with the addition of videos, images, audio, etc., which in turn inspire strong emotions and experiences.

Add or Select Themes and Apps

ViewTravel provides a considerable number of themes that enhance the user experience and customer engagement. Useful Apps for use before, during and after the trip or event are available by default or may be added or removed from your presentations.

Create a Budget

Easily create and share your business proposals. Thanks to a simple and highly interactive interface preparing and updating a budget it´s as “easy as a pie”.

GDS Integration

Integrate your system with ViewTravel API to seamlessly push your sales data into your ViewTravel account.

Prepare a Digital Tour

Thanks to a simple and very interactive interface, through enhanced images, links to videos and digital files its extremely easy to virtually present your itineraries and travel suggestions, wherever you want, whenever you want.

Location Maps and Itineraries

Integrated geo-location maps and detailed information about the places to visit bring a consolidated view of the tour, without having the need to consult information on multiple non-integrated systems or manage information silos. In single place you have everything you need to manage your trip.

Social Networks Offer Distribution

Create a meaningful experience and then share your offers with your customers through Social Media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, among others.

Quickly Notify Customers

You are able to send a link via email or SMS to their customers, along with the travel budget and additional info relevant for the decision process.

Create Your First Mesmerising Presentation (VideoView or PhotoView)

How Does it Work? After clicking on the Demo Button, go to “Log In” and choose “Register” to create your “User Details”. When finished, go to “Create View”, fill the outstanding data and see how quick and easy you are able to inspire your customers.

User Stories

ViewTravel in The News

GEA Lança ViewTravel

A ferramenta dispõe de uma série de potencialidades e recursos multimédia, designadamente uma base de dados de imagens, vídeos, fotos e recurso a apps para smartphone, “que permitem tornar mais apelativo o marketing de produto, aprofundando ao mesmo tempo a relação cliente/agência”, segundo um comunicado. Presstur – Read the Full News

Airmet lanza una plataforma con 25.000 vídeos de destinos

El grupo de gestión Airmet ha puesto a disposición de sus agencias de viajes la plataforma Viewtravel, que integra contenido multimedia de destinos y hoteles. Hosteltur – Read the Full News

Airmet launches a platform with 25000 videos of destinations

The objective of Airmet platform is that agencies can create and submit travel to its customers with the entire contents of the offer, including videos of destinations, hotels and cruises, as well as photos, location, budgets, route maps and the best APP for the trip. Spaintrips.org – Read the Full News

El Grupo comercial Airmet presentó la nueva herramienta en su última convención

ViewTravel, a la que podrán acceder los profesionales desde la intranet de Airmet, es la primera plataforma del mercado desarrollada para que las agencias de viajes puedan presentar y compartir sus viajes online de una manera personalizada e inspiradora. Nexotur – Read the Full News

Presupuestos personalizados para agencias de Edenia

Se trata de una web responsive, lo que permite una correcta visualización del contenido en cualquier dispositivo o sistema operativo. La idea del Grupo comercial es que en el futuro esta herramienta esté activada en cada una de los ‘portales’ de las agencias asociadas. Desde Edenia destacan su apuesta por “las nuevas tecnologías que den servicio y ayuden a las agencias en su día a día”. Nexotur – Read the Full News

Clickviaja incorpora un nuevo sistema de búsqueda de destinos

El departamento I+D y la incorporación de herramientas avanzadas externas como Viewtravel permiten a la compañía acercar el sector de los viajes a sus clientes de una forma amena y transparente. Nexotur – Read the Full News

GEA Group Launches ViewTravel

The GEA Group has recently launched to View Travel, a new technological tool, available for your network and agencies already fully operational, to improve the way the commercial communication with the final consumer, whether through direct contact through email, whether through social networks. Opçãoturismo – Read the Full News

O Grupo GEA anunciou hoje o lançamento do View Travel

A implementação desta ferramenta constitui uma grande mais-valia para as agências GEA, e possibilitará uma redução dos timings na decisão de compra por parte dos consumidores finais, numa altura em que um dos principais reptos das agências de viagens tradicionais é a adequação do seu modus operandi à nova realidade digital. Ambitur – Read the Full News

Create your first VideoView or PhotoView and see how you are able to inspire your customers and get more sales!


Our Customers Speak For Us!

Pedro Gordon

A better way of improving the commercial communication with the final consumer – The implementation of ViewTravel is a great asset for the GEA agencies because its allowing the reduction of the purchase decision timing by final consumers, at a time when one of the main challenges of traditional travel agencies is the suitability of their modus operandi to the new digital reality. ViewTravel help us being more competitive, making more agile, quick and efficient the sale process. In a business where margins are modest, cost control is brutal, and if you’re four hours to sell a thousand-euro package that leaves a 120-euro mark-up, you’re losing money. You need to be agile, fast and efficient.

Pedro GordonGEA Group General DirectorGEA Group
Óscar Alonso

ViewTravel allow the company to bring the travel industry to its customers in a pleasant and transparent way – Everyday we are more immersed in the digital world, so from ClickViaja we want to continue to join and even anticipate that growth. We are constantly updating them and we provide each of our agents with the most effective tools for customer loyalty. ViewTravel is a new way of presenting to the tourist a possible trip, budget, reservation or documentation, in a personalized and visual way.

Óscar AlonsoAgencies Network General DirectorClickViaja
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