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The Inspiravia solutions will take your business to other new dimensions.
TVA (Travel Virtual Agent), a new form to book trips is now a reality!
  • TVA – Travel Virtual Agent is the first online travel agent in the market, which also includes “Business Intelligence” technology allowing to know the real needs of the user. The virtual agent incorporates an audio system that gives you a totally dynamic and unusual reality.
  • TVA is the first technology platform in the world that allows users of travel agencies, OTAs, tour operators, travel intermediaries, etc. Can easily interact through a new online environment.
  • The TVA adapts to the changing times and users requirements increasingly demand tools that are highly interactive, visual and easy to use changing the way to book a trip.
  • TVA is a tool that can be used both by the customer as to facilitate and assist tourism professionals to give more and better alternatives depending on the needs of your customer.
  • TVA consists of two modules: TVA Destinations and TVA Cruises that can be hired together or separately depending on the need.
TVA Mobile app!

With the changing world, we see more and more, the fact of mobility to be seen as a criticism, it is very important that there is chance to the need for a tool that can provide the customers, the industry or professional space, and instant access to their offers portfolio wherever you go, without having to carry the weight of the laptop, 3G pen, cables, etc..

TVA Alert, would you like to have an app that warns you of the trip and the price you were expecting? No need to spend time to check different websites.

Who has not ever think in able to have a mobile application, in which the traveller enter the characteristics of the destination and price you’re looking for and the system during an unlimited time go looking for offers with these features between all agencies that are connected to the TVA Alert and the app will show it to book directly from the mobile application.

ViewTravel – Innovative multi-media platform to show and share a personalized trip in a inspiring way, already in the market!

Today the first thing most people do before buying a trip, is to share it with one or more people by channels such as online, social networks, e-mail, etc., to share the trip is especially for experiences, suggestions, and in many cases because the decision does not depend on oneself.

ViewTravel definitely is going to change the way how we present a personalized and inspiring way to third parties the information before the trip.