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This is the first online market platform that incorporates a travel virtual agent with “Business Intelligence” technology, allowing to know the real needs of the user. The virtual agent incorporates an audio system that gives you a totally dynamic and unusual reality. With the TVA Cruises you can apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

TVA Cruises was created for easy and intuitive to use via a simple web browser. Multi-languages, in English and Spanish platform. TVA Cruises is the perfect solution for travel agencies, management groups and tour operators large and small dimension.


The most important advantages of TVA Cruises are multiple software functionality, resulting exceptional flexibility to adapt and adjust to current market demands.
It has been developed based on the latest technologies of “Business Intelligence”, allowing to integrate skills and experience of professionals tourism who have contributed their specific knowledge of the market in the development of this unique and innovative tool. Accessible from any Internet-enabled browser, available 24 hours a day, regardless of location or device being used.
In TVA Cruises users can book cruises, view the videos on these offers, access to the geo-location google map, chat with the virtual agent, etc.
To meet customer needs, the virtual travel agent will interact with the customer through a series of questions and answers, then offer videos and offers that best meet those needs.
Very easy integration platform in the current website of the agency or tour operator, also has a back office tool for managing offers, report viewing and give access to a section of agencies.

Technical specifications

TVA Cruises


Web Interface Web Interface, extremely functional in all major web browsers, adapted for optimal viewing in Tablets, allowing the application can be accessed from any PC or mobile device with internet access.
Easy to use Extremely easy to use thanks to a highly interactive interface using guided audio system, images, online chat support, etc.


Search engine

Ultra-fast search engine Search is very fast. In few steps TVA provides availability to all offers, taking into account the travel needs, including the ability to select from recommended bids approximate.
Multiple simultaneous searches Depending on the criteria selected by the customer, TVA has the ability to run multiple searches simultaneously in the system using technology “business intelligence”, allowing to obtain adequate results much faster.


Search filters

Type of cruise Filter the results of your search by type of cruise
Area Filter your search by area
Shipping Filter the results of your search by type of shipping
Port of shipment Filter the results of your search by port of shipment
Approximate departure and return dates Filter your search results by approximate calendar dates
Exact departure and return dates Filters the results of your search by exact calendar dates
Trip duration Filter your search results by number of trip days
Type of map Filter the results of your search by geo-location map
Type of video Filter the results of your search by type of cruise and shipping videos
Por presupuesto Filter the results of your search by budget, indicating the price range you’re looking for
Type of offer Filter the results of your search by type of offer as approximated or recommended


Configurable options

Areas Management list of areas. Inactive areas do not appear in search results
Shipping companies Management a list of shipping companies. Inactive shipping companies not appear in search results
Ports of shipment Management a list of ports of shipment. Inactive ports of shipment do not appear in search results
Cruises Management a list of cruises. Inactive cruises do not appear in search results
Video playlist reproduction Management a video playlists of youtube . Inactive lists do not appear in search results
Cruise offers Management a list of cruises offer. Inactive offers do not appear in search results
Information or referrals agency The agency details are configurable in TVA and may change at any time
Screen color TVA lets you set the background color of the screen, over a range of predefined colors in the application
Travel Virtual Agent Color TVA can set the color of the travel agent, over a range of predefined colors in the application
Virtual Chat TVA lets inactivate the chat “Zopim” anytime


Users and access privileges

Access to the TVA back office Access as administrator to the TVA back office tool to manage and report extraction. Different levels of access
Access to “Zopim” back office for the chat Access as administrator to the “Zopim” chat tool to manage all requests for TVA and extract management reports. Different levels of access
Unlimited number of users per group of agencies There is no limit to the number of users it can support TVA
Multiple levels of access There are two levels of access, normal user (agencies) and administrator user (group). Only the administrator can make configuration and extract management reports
Access with the agency credentials The TVA access is done with the current credentials of the agency. TVA validates the data in the system



Chat reports Detailed queries generated through the TVA chat report. All information is recorded
Cruises reports Detailed report of all the selected criteria choose by the customer on TVA. All information is recorded once it has sent the application form



Multilingual TVA is available in multiple languages
Languages Spanish and English


Support options

Contextual help Contextual help is available at various points in the application, helping the user to resolve key issues
Email support Is available via mail support for questions that can not be solved through the online help
Audio support The TVA carries a built-in audio system in each screen with an explanation of each, which greatly facilitates the handling of the application
Chat support Is available via chat support for questions that can not be solved through the online help