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Today the first thing most people do before buying a trip is to share it with one or more people by channels like online, social networking, e-mail, etc.To share it is especially for experiences, suggestions, and in many cases because the decision does not depend on oneself.

On a trip how to present it to another is so important as the fare, because in the purchase decision there are many factors, such as emotions, experiences, etc.

So, with Inspiravia we have achieved through our ViewTravel platform that users can submit the online trip in a personalized way with the addition of videos, images, audio, etc., which in turn inspire strong emotions and experiences appropriate to each trip, for example, the ability to customize each trip for romantics, for adventurers, for friends, family, etc.  Who has not thought to present a romantic trip with your favorite song playing or adding an image or memory of another past trip?


Users need a space that comes their trip in a personalized way that inspires emotions and experiences and then share your offers with other users either through Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.

With ViewTravel the professionals, travel agencies, management groups and tour operators will also be able to customize the trip for each client, adding your corporate brand and then send a link via email or SMS to their customers, along with the travel budget or distribute the offer through social networks.

Currently a strong presence in social networking is an important communication for brand asset, but also to enhance the business. ViewTravel allows to reach all this demand easily and quickly.

Accessible from any Internet-enabled browser, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of location or device being used by customers, easy integration for business.

Technical specifications



Web Interface Web Interface, extremely functional in all major web browsers, adapted for optimal viewing in Tablets, allowing the application can be accessed from any PC or mobile device with internet access.
Easy to use Extremely easy to use thanks to a simple and highly interactive interface using images, links to youtube videos and downloading files.

Search filters

Type of video Filter the results of your search by type of video
Type of map Filter the results of your search by geo-location map.
Type of theme Filter the results of your search by type of theme; travel gift for romantics, for friends, etc.

User adjustable options

Type of thematic Managing a list of thematic trips.
Video playlist Management a youtube playlists. Inactive reproduction lists do not appear in search results.
List of offers in PDF Management a list of offers. Inactive offers do not appear in search results
Information or referrals agency The details of the agency are configurable in ViewTravel and can be changed at any time
Image background Management a list of wallpaper images . Inactive images do not appear in ViewTravel
Audio files ViewTravel allows the user to configure one or more audio files on a predefined set of files or uploaded by the same user
Agency logo The agency can attach its own logo in ViewTravel
Budget In ViewTravel you can viewing the details of the budget. The agency can attach any type of document
App for trips Management an app list for trips. Inactive app not appear in search results

Users and access privileges

Access to the ViewTravel back office Access as administrator to the back office of the tool for management
Unlimited number of users per group of agencies There is no limit to the number of users it can support ViewTravel
Access with the agency credentials Access to the ViewTravel back office is done with the current credentials of the agency, if the agency has hired the TVA product, otherwise register through a new access


Multilingual TVA Mobile is available in multiple languages
Spanish and English

Support options

Contextual help Contextual help is available at various points in the application, helping the user to resolve key issues
Email support Is available via mail support for questions that can not be solved through the online help