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The travel intermediaries see the travel industry very attractive to distribute their own offers.

Travel Intermediaries Increasingly, need innovative technological solutions that inspire and provide “Business Intelligence” technology to distribute their offers and better understand the travel needs of their customers. Our innovative solutions are also focused to travel intermediaries for the use of support and guidance, to offer different alternatives to their customers in turn facilitating their daily work.

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    This is the first online market platform that incorporates a travel virtual agent with “Business Intelligence” technology, allowing to know the real needs of the user.

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    The virtual agent incorporates an audio system that gives you a totally dynamic and unusual reality. With the TVA Cruises you can apply cruises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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    App booking online solution B2C and B2B incorporating “Business Intelligence” technology to find out the real needs of the customer and offers the possibility to the customers and professionals tourism to book a trip, viewing videos offers, view geo-localization maps, etc. through a simple smartphone.

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    App booking online solution B2C, incorporating “Business Intelligence” technology to find out the real needs of the traveller, offering the possibility to the customers through a mobile app to receive personalized offers to suit their travel needs and then to make the booking through a simple smartphone.

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    Users need a space that comes their trip in a personalized way that inspires emotions and experiences and then share your offers with other users either through Facebook, Twitter, etc.